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Overall Rating: 5 StarHalf Star

BetOnline Sportsbook Review


BetOnline is a highly regarded sportsbook that operates out of Panama City. Its parent company is BLS International (Bestline Sports), which purchased BetOnline in 2008. BetOnline has been around since 1991.

BetOnline is a highly rated sportsbook that offers plenty of wagering opportunities, ranging from pro and college football to sports such as cricket, snooker, and lacrosse. There are plenty of futures bets available at BetOnline, with many entertainment wagers offered.

  • Solid reputation within the sports betting industry
  • Excellent odds for hockey and baseball
  • Solid lifetime bonus program

5 StarHalf Star Account Registration:

Account registration is simple at BetOnline; simply fill out the online application and you're on your way to joining over 1 million other bettors who wager at BetOnline. The entire process will only take a couple of minutes.

5 Star Bonuses and Promotions:

BetOnline has an excellent bonus program, offering a 25% free play for every deposit in excess of $50 made by using a Visa, person-to-person transfer, or bank wire. The rollover requirement is six times and there is a maximum of a $1,000 bonus. You are prohibited from making a withdraw within 30 days of claiming the 25% bonus, so you can elect not to claim it if you plan on making a withdraw shortly after depositing. Customers will also receive a free $25 wager in the live betting platform, as well as a free $50 wager for the mobile betting application. Both the casino and the horse racing book have liberal bonus programs and strong promotions.

5 StarHalf Star Site Navigation:

The site doesn't contain all of the bells and whistles that other sites may have, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The chances are you're more worried about getting your wager in than you are in how a site looks. The site does what it was designed to do, which is to allow you to easily see all of the odds on the games being offered and place your bets without any problems. The site is fast as a result of not being bogged down, which is actually a nice feature.

5 Star Betting Options:

There are plenty of betting options to choose from at BetOnline, as pretty much everything is covered, ranging from the major sports to the events with smaller followings in the United States, such as snooker or rugby.

Bettors will be hard-pressed to find many sportsbooks that offer more variety in the form of futures bets, as there are plenty of events that carry odds. Proposition wagers are another popular offering by BetOnline, including a number of pro bets that you won't see elsewhere, some of them at very generous odds. Bettors shouldn't have any problems finding something of their liking at BetOnline.

5 Star Odds:

Hockey bettors owe it to themselves to have an account at BetOnline. Not only do they offer odds on American Hockey League games, but they offer a discounted 11-cent line on NHL games, with totals typically having a 13-cent line. You can also bet team totals for NHL games, although they do carry a higher price.

Baseball bettors will also enjoy BetOnline, which offers a 10-cent line on numbers higher than most sportsbooks.

Bettors will find odds that are pretty close to the industry standard, although BetOnline isn't afraid to move numbers based on their wagers, so occasionally you will find them all alone with a particular number, which makes them valuable for bettors who are always shopping for the best numbers. They don't appear to shade the line one way or the other.

5 Star Live Betting:

BetOnline offers a great live betting platform that will keep bettors on their toes, as odds will change frequently depending on the outcome of previous play. You can wager on the final outcome of the game at any time, as well as the results of particular drives, quarters, and plenty more.

Customer Service:

BetOnline's customer service team is available around the clock. For immediate help you can call a toll-free number, while inquires that aren't urgent can be dealt with by e-mail. BetOnline has separate e-mail accounts for the sportsbook, casino, and racebook so you know the people you need to respond will get your message.

4 StarHalf Star Payments: Master Card Visa

BetOnline is one of the few sportsbooks that accepts MasterCard as a deposit method, along with Visa. The minimum deposit using a credit card is $50 and the maximum amount is $1,000, although you can use your Visa card to make a person-to-person transfer, which carries a $1,500 maximum. You can also send bank checks with a minimum amount of $1,500 and a maximum amount of $24,900. Money orders are also accepted, along with person-to-person transfers and BetOnline will cover the fees if the deposit amount is greater than $300. You may also use book-to-book transfer, which essentially takes money from one participating sportsbook and places it in BetOnline. There is a minimum of $500 and BetOnline will reimburse the withdraw fees from the transferring sportsbook. Book-to-book transfers are not eligible for bonuses.

There are plenty of withdraw options, although the most common is simply by check. BetOnline charges a bit less than the majority of other sportsbooks for making a withdraw in this manner, which is always nice, as it is your money you are requesting. Checks sent by regular mail will arrive within 30 business days and cost $25, while you can opt for delivery by courier for a cost of $35 and you will receive your money within 15 business days. For $50, you can choose express courier delivery in order to receive your check within seven business days. Person-to-person requests are usually available within 36 hours, although the fees can get pricey, up to $1185 for requesting the maximum $950 withdraw. Bank wire and book-to-book transfers are also available and customer service will fill you in on the details and costs incurred.

4 StarHalf Star Additional Features:

BetOnline offers the whole gaming experience, including casino betting, horses, and mobile betting. The one feature with BetOnline that you won't find elsewhere is the company's reputation for taking care of its customers and BetOnline is a solid bet for those who want to explore the world of online gambling.

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