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Overall Rating: 5 Star

Bookmaker Sportsbook Review


Bookmaker can be thought of as the sportsbook where the big boys play. While many sportsbooks make it known that they are not interested in receiving wagers from professional bettors, Bookmaker welcomes them with open arms.

Bookmaker has been around for a number of years, having opened in 1996, and is a favorite betting outlet of larger bettors, as it possesses some of the largest betting limits around. Bookmaker, which is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is also known for releasing lines before nearly all of their competitors, as overnight lines are often available at 3 p.m. EST the day before. Bookmaker is part of the same family of sportsbooks as BetCRIS and BetDSI, both of which are also well-regarded within industry circles.

  • Extremely high betting limits
  • Offers betting lines much earlier than other Sportsbooks
  • Welcomes action from professional bettors

5 StarHalf Star Account Registration:

Account registration is quick and easy at Bookmaker and can be done in several minutes online. Bookmaker does not accept players from the state of Washington, but welcomes U.S. players from the other states. You will be asked for your preferences regarding the currency used, as well as which manner of odds you would like to view. You can register by phone if you prefer.

5 StarHalf Star Bonuses and Promotions:

Bookmaker gives all new accounts a 15% sign-up bonus and additional deposits will earn either a 10% or 15% bonus depending on the amount that you wager. Anybody making a minimum $100 deposit on Tuesdays will receive an additional 20% bonus, making it the logical day to refill your betting account even if you don't plan on placing any wagers until the weekend. Bettors need to look for every advantage possible and receiving a free 20% on your money is about as good as it gets.

4 StarHalf Star Site Navigation:

Bookmaker may not win any awards for their website design, but it does the job and really isn't too difficult to navigate around. One aspect that many bettors will enjoy is that you look for the lines you will also see the betting percentages on each game, which lets you know the way your fellow bettors are wagering at Bookmaker. The site does offer live help if it is needed.

5 Star Betting Options:

Bookmaker offers wagers on all of the major sports, including those that typically receive little attention in the United States, such as cricket and soccer played around the globe. They may not offer as many entertainment-type wagers as other sportsbooks, but Bookmaker is in business to service big bettors, not cater to the recreational bettor. With limits of $50,000 for the NFL and $10,000 for the NBA, there aren't many bettors who have to worry about exceeding the house maximum.

4 StarHalf Star Odds:

Because Bookmaker deals with a number larger bettors and doesn't back down from professionals, Bookmaker's lines are typically a bit sharper than those at sportsbooks that are geared towards the casual sports bettor. If you're not afraid to go against the "sharps" Bookmaker is a nice outlet to have, as you can often get an extra half-point or a few cents on the moneyline compared to other sportsbooks. You're also likely to find Bookmaker releasing odds before nearly every other sportsbook, so if you do your own handicapping and create your own lines, it makes sense to have an account there. About the only complaint that bettors may have with Bookmaker is their use of the 20-cent line in baseball. Bookmaker does offer alternate run-lines and daily baseball proposition wagers, so baseball bettors still have plenty of decent wagering opportunities.

5 Star Live Betting:

Bookmaker offers live betting on selected contests and posts many of the games that they will be offering live wagering well in advance so that you will know what you have to look forward to. Wagers are graded instantly during live betting and wins are credited to your account almost as soon as they transpire. All NFL games will feature live betting, along with some NBA and NHL games, English soccer, the UFC and other events.

4 StarHalf Star Customer Service:

Bookmaker rates fairly well in the customer service department, offering help in several different manners. There is an extensive FAQ that will answer many of the most common questions that somebody may have, while live help online or phone help is available 24 hours a day. Questions or concerns can also be e-mailed to Bookmaker's customer service staff.

4 StarHalf Star Payments: Visa

There are plenty of different ways to fund your account at Bookmaker, ranging from Visa cards to bank checks and cashier's checks, as well as bank wires and money transfers. Several other options are available depending on your location.

Withdraws are a bit more difficult and the most common type of withdraw is simply requesting a bank draft. The minimum amount you may request is $100 and the maximum is $2,500. Each bank draft withdraw does carry a $50 fee and one withdraw request may be submitted per month. Bookmaker says it may take as long as 30 days for checks to arrive. You may also request a person-to-person money transfer every seven days. Fees for this type of withdraw range from $25 for payout requests of less than $300 to $85 for requests of $1,000 to the maximum amount of $1,500. While requests are usually handled that day, it may take up to seven to 15 business days to process. If you are requesting less than $500, the person-to-person transfer is less expensive than requesting a check.

4 StarHalf Star Additional Features:

Bookmaker may not be for everybody, but it does have a solid reputation for meeting its financial obligations to bettors and for accepting wagers that few other sportsbooks would touch. The ability to wager on games earlier than you can at other sportsbooks is an added bonus. If you're a serious bettor, Bookmaker is one of the best options around.

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