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Bovada Sportsbook Review


Bovada seeks to put the fun back into sports betting and does so by offering plenty of wagers that aren't available at many other sportsbooks. Bovada offers odds on all of the major sports, but also offers a number of entertainment-related betting opportunities.

Bovada, still recognized by many bettors as Bodog, was formed by Calvin Ayre in 1995 and quickly became a hit with the betting public due to its large offering of wagers and ease of using its website. As its revenues grew, Bodog branched into other industries, such as music and mixed martial arts. Bodog's online gambling ventures were sold to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group in 2006, although Ayre kept ownership of the name. Morris Mohawk Gaming Group switched over to the current Bovada name in 2011 for bettors in the United States.

  • Extremely user-friendly website
  • Customer support staff available 24 hours a day
  • Offers betting opportunities not found anywhere else

5 StarHalf Star Account Registration:

Bovada makes it easy to sign-up for a new account and the process can be completed entirely online in just a few minutes. One nice aspect of Bovada is that they allow you to choose your password, which is something not all sportsbooks do. One account will allow you to wager on sports, in the casino, the poker room, as well as allow you to wager on horse racing from the majority of major race tracks in North America and also Australia.

5 Star Bonuses and Promotions:

New members will receive bonuses from the sportsbook and casino and can take advantage of special promotions throughout the year. For the sportsbook, new members will receive 50% of their initial deposit in the form of a free bet up to $250. In the casino, new members will receive four 100% match bonuses of up to $500 for use in the slot machines and four 100% match bonuses for use in other casino games. New players can also receive a 100% match up to $1,000 for the poker room.

Bovada does not offer reload bonuses, but makes up for it with an unending number of special promotions during the year. If you wagered $100 every week in the NFL, you were eligible to receive a $250 bonus. Similar-style promotions are available for other sports, as well as for the casino, poker and horse racing.

5 Star Site Navigation:

Bovada has one of the best websites in the business, as it's extremely user-friendly and players should have no trouble getting to where they want to go. A menu bar on the left side of the screen allows sports bettors to easily find all of the different wagering opportunities. Placing a wager is also easy and simply involves clicking a box next to the bet you wish to make and later confirming it in a separate box, which reduces the chances of betting the wrong side by mistake.

5 Star Betting Options:

Offering a wide variety of betting options is what helped make Bodog such a popular site and they haven't gotten any smaller since the switch to Bovada. Even relatively obscure sports in the United States, such as snooker, cricket, and rugby will have lines posted, as well as the usual array of auto racing, golf, and tennis events.

Bovada is well-known for its entertainment and political wagers, where you can bet on everything from the gender of the next American Idol winner to the party of the 2016 president of the United States. Betting limits on these wagers are often on the smaller side, but it's a good way to have a bit of fun.

5 Star Odds:

Bovada is known as a sportsbook for the recreational bettor and the odds will often reflect that; many times they are slightly slanted towards the favorite or the side that the general public tends to favor. If you're a smart, smaller bettor, you can often take advantage of that by going against the grain and you will receive better odds at Bovada than you will at other sportsbooks.

Bovada offers the standard 11-to-10 on football and basketball wagers and uses the customary 20-cent line for hockey wagers. Bovada offers a 10-cent line up to -149 in baseball, although their overnight baseball lines use a 20-cent line. Many of the proposition-type wagers Bovada is noted for offering carry a price of -115 or -120 on both sides.

5 StarHalf Star Live Betting:

Bovada offers plenty of live in-game betting opportunities, although they do carry relatively small betting limits depending on the sport. There are also plenty of proposition wagers for nationally televised games, allowing bettors the opportunity to bet the outcome of the next play, such as will the play be a rush, an incomplete pass, a completed pass, or a turnover.

The live betting section of the site will open a new browser window and allow you to choose which game you wish to wager on, where you will then see a list of all the wagers available for that particular game.

5 Star Customer Service:

In part due to an employee incentive program that rewards superior service, Bovada has some of the best customer service staff members in the industry. They do what they can to ensure you have a pleasant experience and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach customer service by e-mail or via telephone.

5 StarHalf Star Payments: Visa

Bovada offers three deposit methods; Visa cards, which carry a 4.9% fee on top of the deposit amount, Rapid Transfer and Money Transfer. Both Rapid Transfer and Money Transfer will incur some fees depending on the amount deposited, but Bovada will reimburse you the fees on any deposits of $300 or more.

One free check withdraw is permitted each month; with additional withdraws costing $50. Rapid Transfer withdraws can also be requested and the customer is responsible for the fees, which will range between $20 and $60 depending on the amount withdrawn. Payments are processed daily on a first-come, first-serve basis, but may take between four and seven business days from the time funds are removed from your account before your check is mailed.

5 Star Additional Features:

Bovada is not a sportsbook for large bettors, as they have relatively low betting limits, and players who consistently win may find their wagers limited even more. Bovada is designed as a sportsbook for the player who is interested in having a good time and is a solid choice for bettors who fall into this category.

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